The War Begins
 by John Galt

"...the fractured vote over the Ashcroft nomination has some wondering whether the effort is paying off. One test comes next week when Bush sends Congress his $1.6 trillion, 10-year tax-cut package. Democrats have already mounted a campaign against the plan."

" day after 42 Democratic senators voted against Bush's choice for attorney general, John Ashcroft, in the closest confirmation vote in 15 years, signaling that they plan to fight conservative nominees."

The above comments were snatched from a Fox News article, Bush Attends Senators' Retreat in 'Hug-a-Democrat-a-Day' Plan by John P. Martn ,it gives you some idea of how the Democrats view the Presidents pledge to bring a new tone to Washington. Same old liberal view of bipartisan politics... 'we are with you as long as it is our way, try something conservative and we will slight, slander and discredit anything or anyone involved.'

Add to the above the news that Terry McAuliffe was elected Chairman of the DNC (McAuliffe Elected) today and you get a pretty good picture of the Democratic Party's strategy. McAuliffe as you may or may not know is a "Super Fund Raiser" for the Dem's, second only to Slick Willie. The fact that the Republicans raised more funds than the Democrats for the 2000 Presidential Campaign was not lost on them, one iota!

As I have said before, George W. Bush winning the Presidency was not the end, it was the beginning of the battle for the cultural soul of America. Here is the Dem's battle plan, it's no secret, they are broadcasting it to everyone. First, they will use their power in the Senate, so graciously given them by Trent Lott, to discredit any conservative bill or appointee (Federal and Supreme Court Judges for example.) If they can't outright defeat the bill or person they will do what they did to John Ashcroft. Discredit and delay, two powerful weapons. This part of the battle will be a holding action, hanging on until the 2002 elections. The thrust of this plan is two pronged. First keep the Republicans from passing any meaningful legislation, especially something that might be beneficial to the Democratic base. And secondly, cause enough disinformation to sway voters to the Democrats in 2002. Want more proof? Here are some excerpts from McAuliffes' acceptance speech:

"We won that election, because the country is with us, not with them. Not for spending the whole surplus on tax cuts for the rich. Not for repealing Roe v. Wade. Not for vouchers. Not for trashing teachers. Not for cutting Medicare or cutting Social Security. Not for discrimination against lesbians and gays. Not for spilling oil in Alaska or putting oil derricks in Yellowstone Park. They're not for John Ashcroft. And, for gosh sake, they're not for refighting the Civil War!"

"We will protect voter rights in redistricting. We will take aggressive steps to ensure that the Voting Rights Act and other statutes are complied with strictly in all elections beginning in 2001."

While the elected types are tying things up in Congress, McAuliffe and company will be beating the bushes for funding. And Maynard Jackson will spearhead a drive to register anyone that breaths (and some that don't) to vote. I suppose JJ will be involved; although he has problems of his own that may keep him sidelined, but that's a whole 'nother issue. If you think there were irregularlarities in last years election, watch out for the off year campaign. These races are all local! That is one-third of the Senate and all of the House will be up for reelection. Think about all the mischief those County Boards can get into, it's scary!

There is one more part to this puzzle. We just had the census taken last year. States loosing population will loose representation, states gaining population will gain House seats. Along with that goes redistricting. If you live in a state that had a significant gain or loss in population keep an eye on this, it will be coming to a head soon. Remember the Dem's mantra during the days following the election? Count all the votes! Well it seems that doesn't carry over to the census. They want to use "statistical models" to determine which counties gained/lost population. Again, if you are in one of the states that had a population change in the 2000 census, and particularly if you are a Republican that lives in a Democratic controlled district, you are "where the action is."

No, my friends, now is not the time to sit back and bask in the glory of our victory. That is history now. Now is the time to get involved. Someone once said, "All politics is local!" (Probably, Daley, the elder.) It is true and this is where YOU can do something. Get involved, get others involved. The best way to support President Bush is to ensure that he has a majority in both the House and the Senate. We can't afford to loose any seats in either and we need to gain at least two Senators, ten would be better, and we need 20-30 new Republicans in the House.
You can make a difference! Get out the vote in 2002!

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