A Conservative Woman Speaks

Thank you, Mr. John Galt for inviting me to contribute to this new site; The Republican Papers. I am Kathleen, a fifty three year old mother of five. I live in mid-Michigan and have all my life. I've traveled around the United States and visited Norway, Germany and Italy several years ago. This is still the best place to be!

I'm writing here to express my frustration with the liberal position the media takes concerning women in particular. During and before the November elections, I was told over and over that as a women I would vote for Al Gore, (NOT!) want to control my own reproductive system, (sure do, but not by abortion!), and support gun control. (controlling MY gun means hitting the target) Recently at a social get together, another women and I got into a friendly discussion and I asked her if she thought being pro-life and pro-gun seemed to her a conflict of interest. She replied yes! My reply was, "but both views protect innocent lives!". I feel it is a form of mind control that is being perpetrated by the media to make conservative thinking women feel we are somehow outside the norm and therefore less credible and unimportant. Hopefully by expressing ourselves on sites such as this, we can come together and share ideas on how we can let our country's leaders know that we need for them to acknowledge and support the views of conservative women as an important block of voters.

I am what I term a "professional mom". It's what I have dedicated my life to and I take it seriously. I had two little boys when my husband and I decided to become foster parents. I love babies, so that is what we decided to specialize in. After four newborn foster placements, I
found out that I was pregnant again, and sickness forced me to take time off until our third child, a girl, was born. Three years later, we had our fourth, a son. While he was a toddler, I took training to become a counselor at a pro-life organization call Abortion Alternatives. I worked there for about three years, and when our littlest boy was ready for school, we again renewed our foster care license. All together we (and I do mean the whole family here!) took care of thirty newborn infants. Some of them were born very early, and I was able to go to the hospital on a daily basis to prepare them (and me) for the transition to home. I have never believed that abortion was an answer to a problem pregnancy, but seeing first hand how medical science could save infants who sometimes weighed in at two pounds, I can never figure out why there are those who think that aborted "fetuses" are nothing but tissue masses. One of our babies was a product of rape. Another, was a product of incest, which in many cases is also a rape. These babies were absolutely beautiful. One of these children we still get pictures of at Christmas and I can't help but think what a terrible tragedy if she had become "disposed of tissue mass" as many would advocate. Sure it has to be hard on a rape victim to carry a baby to term. I can't help but think, that with the proper counseling, a rape victim can come to understand that even though the rapist "steals" a women's dignity, she has the power (and what a wonderful power!) to turn a horrible crime into the light of someone's life. Our twenty-third foster child was the product of a dark life of drugs and alcohol. She also became our fifth child. I'm quite certain that there are those who would have thought abortion the answer for her mother, and I sure am glad that, for whatever reason, it was not the road she chose.

God gave women the privilege to bear children, and we must know that responsibility comes with that privilege. The founding fathers of this country gave us the privilege of defending ourselves in the form of the second amendment, and we really need to learn that there is a
responsibility here too. We need to fight to maintain this right! Hopefully we won't have to actually use our weapons to do it.

Personally I think that if our government tries to confiscate our guns the way other countries have, and there are truly those who support that idea, we will have another civil war. IT'S SCARY!!  When you see sign that say " I'll give up my guns only when you pry them out of my cold, dead hands" we may chuckle, but it is very, very serious because there are enough people who really would go to those extremes to take our guns. And there are many who would take that stand against those in government in order to keep their privilege of owning them. We often read and hear it said that we must never forget what Hitler did to the Jews and other people he deemed of no value, or felt threatened by. One of the first things he did was register all weapons, and then disarm the country. Our founding fathers knew that was dangerous, even before Hitler was born. If we read the writings of James Madison, Tench Coxe, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Noah Webster, and other patriots of our history we would realize that they put out a warning of just such tyranny. We must stay informed and educated. We must support one another! Hopefully that will be the intent and the end result of this site.

Thanks to all of you who would patiently read the words of this twenty-first century patriot!


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