Installment #2  That Which Divides

That Which Divides

In the initial installment of this essay I opined that there is cultural divide in our country that is greater than at any time since the Civil War. Actually there are those that say we are in a Civil War, a Social Civil War.  A Great Divide.

Why? There are a number of reasons. The basic one that all others stem from is we are struggling for the cultural soul of our country. Charlton Heston gave a speech at the Harvard Law School Forum titled Winning The Cultural War. It is a very straight forward document on what we are facing in our society today.

 Do we want to be one nation under God as the founding fathers established it? Or do we want to be one nation under man with our religion being politics? Do we want to be free to live our lives in the pursuit of happiness? Or do we want to relinquish our freedoms to live under the control of government in order to "feel" secure? Alexis de Tocqueville
said, "Americans are so enamored with equality they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.

A government of the people, by the people and for the people. A concept born some 224 years ago that built the most powerful, wealthiest and most benevolent nation on earth is under assault by the left. The Democratic Party has gone so far to the left that it is no longer recognizable as a democratic political party. It continues to drag the country toward the abyss of Socialism. Their view of the world is that of the utopia wherein the people all live at the same level of misery while the elite few govern from on high.

Take a look at the Democratic Party of today. It is not a party united, it is a party of factions joined together because none of them have enough of a following to make it on their own. The second thing you will notice is that each of these factions is one of the issues that has created The Great Divide:

The Socialists
The Abortionists
The Feminists
The Homosexuals
The Environmentalists
The Gun Control Advocates
The Labor Unions
The Entertainment Industry
The Black Community

It may appear at first that some of these overlap but that is only because they support and defend each other to maintain their alliance. Each is a separate entity with their own agenda and "to hell" with everyone else unless it is politically expedient to suck-up to each other. There is one common thread that unites them... they all think they are intellectually superior to the "common" man, and that they, in their infinite wisdom, are the only ones fit to manage the affairs of state. It is they that call us "Joe Six-pack" and that we live in "fly-over " country. What you don't see is the small elitists group that is socialistic in nature and uses the above entities to further their cause. They are the ones waging and against whom we are waging the cultural war. Heston Speech #2 .

 The one exception may be the black community, who have been duped by the democrats and are used by them when all else fails.

In contrast the Republicans are united in their beliefs. They believe in the value of the individual, that we are a nation of laws, under God and that the Constitution means what it says. That we the people have the right to be free of government intervention at every level our lives and that the government is a tool of the people not the other way around.

In the next installments I will discuss each of the factions that are attempting to destroy our heritage, culture and our future.

Installment #3  The Socialists
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