The Presidential Election of 2000 and the 35-day aftermath have brought to light a side of US politics that the average individual never sees.

 It has also, I hope,  "...Awakened  a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve." to paraphrase Adm. Yamamoto. That giant in this case being the "Silent Majority" of our nation. Those that have not, for what ever reason, participated in the political process to any great degree in the past. We can no longer afford to squander the currency of liberty, the vote.

It is the mission of this site to push, prod and whatever else it takes to get Republicans and those who are like-minded, to become involved on a level never before seen.

Only 50% of the people who could voted during the election this year. That 100 or so Million people were pretty evenly divided between Republican and Democrat. The Congress is as evenly divided with the Senate being split 50-50. And of course the outcome of the Presidential race came down to a razor thin 910 votes that gave George W. Bush the electoral votes of Florida and the Presidency.

Because of this even split the Democrats are claiming victory. They have somehow convinced the Senate Republican Leadership that they have a claim on the power of that august body. What they have done is insure that the first two years of the Bush administration will be a nightmare.

We have less than two years to reverse this and place a Republican majority in Congress. In 2002 there will be an election that will require all of the House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate to stand for reelection.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ensure that Republicans are reelected and that Democrats are replaced with Republicans. In other words, you must get out the vote! Get involved; convince family and friends that the Republican candidates need their vote. Motivate them. Take the time to vote, take someone with you when you go to vote. It doesn't take that much time and every vote does count.

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