Homosexual Agenda Spreading

John Galt

Remember when Gay meant happy and a rainbow was a beautiful natural sight? Well today that term and image represent less than 3% of the population with a deviant sexual orientation and a well financed political agenda. Homosexuals!
They have taken over the entertainment industry and by all accounts are moving on the print media. At the 10th anniversary of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association, Richard Berke, the national political correspondent for the New York Times reminisced about the bad old days at the Times, when homosexual reporters were discriminated against. How things have changed. "Now," he said, "there are times when you look at the front-page meeting and ... literally three-quarters of the people deciding what’s on the front page are not-so-closeted homosexuals." 
When  Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr the Publisher of the NYT was asked if he knew who Jessie Dirkhising  was he replied, "No." Small wonder being as there was not one story in the Times about the Arkansas boy who was raped, tortured and killed by two homosexuals.
Then there was the case in Massachusetts where a group called the Parents Rights Coalition (PRC) caught a national homosexual organization called the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) lying about a state-funded program (a $1.5 million state appropriation,) it runs that ostensibly tries to make public schools safe for gays. The Parents Rights Coalition had some of its people attend a conference sponsored by GLSEN that was supposed to be part of its safe schools activity.
The parents tape recorded three state employees using the conference to teach a mixed audience of children about "queer sex" practices. Nothing about AIDS or how to protect against that disease, but there was instruction on oral and anal sex and the particularly  offensive practice of "fisting."
Although tape recordings were initially made available, the Mass. media seem little wont to report it. After it was picked up by talk radio and the AP, television stations in the state ran the story but the print media still ignored it. That included the states larges paper, the Boston Globe, which is owned by the NY Times Co. and has a large and influential homosexual contingent in its newsroom.
But wait there is more! A suit was filed by the Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, also publicly funded, and Boston Superior Court Judge Allan van Gestel has imposed a gag order on Camenker and his group, the PRC. They are barred from releasing the tapes and even discussing what's on them.

The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) also tried to use a new California law (AB537) to compel the San Ramon Unified School District to adopt new policies that would grant special "safety" protections to homosexual and transsexual students and teachers.

GLSEN's web-site offers this explanation of California Law AB537,

"Imagine a school where anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender slurs and harassment are considered really stupid and unacceptable, and where teachers, students, and administrators respond to them strongly and make sure they intervene whenever they hear them...

"Imagine a school where two girls or two guys can hold hands, dance together, or even make out, and nobody even notices...

"Imagine a school where a boy can be feminine, a girl can be masculine, and where what matters about a person is not how much they fit into the predetermined boxes of masculinity or femininity, but their individuality and talent and humanity...

"Imagine a school where everyone feels safe...

"Imagine a school without hate...

"Imagine it, then make it real."

It is all a part of the big lie, that homosexuality is normal, it is like being black or female. That is why these activists will not debate the issue. Their MO it to attack anyone that opposes them. Their "lie" will not stand up under scrutiny and truth. The truth is it is a chosen deviancy and no different than any other deviant behavior. They know this, if only in their subconscious, and is why they censor and attack and demonize their detractors.

They say that moral judgment and dissenting against homosexuals promotes gay-bashing. By that standard, dissenting against the GOP platform promotes violence against Republicans... and should be banned.


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