Mission Update
 Well the site is finally in a form that I am happy with (at least for the moment.) It is now time to move into the second phase.
The second phase involves some work on your part! Yes that is the basic idea of this program, get involved. In this second phase I hope to have a "Republican Papers" style site established in every state, at the county level preferably.
I have started the process. I established The Greene County, TN Republican. This is a local site with local leadership and local items of interest and is linked back to The Republican Papers as the parent site.
These sites will be established and maintained by you. You can use The Greene County site as a model or design your own. If you need help establishing the site, HTML or any other area I will be glad to help. Once up and running it will be up to you to advertise and promote it locally.
The first step is to contact your local Republican Committee Chairman, introduce yourself and explain that you want to get involved and promote the Republican agenda locally through the internet. Most local ISP's have a web-site for the local area. In our case we have two and both have message boards and chat facilities. This is a good place to start. Once you have your site up and running you might want to contact the local paper and get them to run a press release on your site or if they are inclined maybe do an article.
Another thing you can do specifically for the 2002 elections is become an E-Activists. What's that you say? Well the National Republican Senatorial Committee has been establish to promote Republican Senatorial campaigns in order to win back the Senate in 2002. Becoming an E-Activists is easy and it doesn't cost anything but your time. You can of course donate to the committee (as little as $25) and become a E-Gold Activist or if you have time, become an E-County Leader (ECL) and really get involved.
For more information on the program email me at: editor_republicanpapers@hotmail.com
We need to get going on these programs, time is short and the elections will be upon us before we know it. Let me hear from you soon.


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