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This site has resided on TriPod for almost eight years now. Truth of the matter is I abandoned this site when I bought the domain name and established the site on another hosting server and forgot that it was here!

I ran across it today while surfing the web so I though, "hmmmmmmmm better updated this puppy."

You can find The Republican Papers at:

We are still going strong and we have added a sister site Truth Magazine US at:

And if that isn't enough we have just started a Web Ring, "Conservatism: God and Politics" so if you have a web site that is Conservative or Christian or Conservative & Christian please come and join our Ring. You can join by clicking the "Join the Ring" link on the Ring Banner on either of the above sites.

(The Ring home page link above is still under construction and is not quite ready for Prime Time but does have some information that may be helpful. It will have its own URL soon,)

Hope to see ya'll soon!

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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing
 Edmund Burke (1729-1797)