Election 2002
Tempus Fugit! Does it ever. It seems as it were only yesterday we were in the wake of the 2000 Election and now here it is two years later.

Of course the more things change the more they stay the same. Florida still has not solved its problem with electorates too stupid to vote. The Democrats are still pounding on President Bush and Babs (Barbara Streisand) still thinks she is a political straightest.

The one thing that has changed is the mood of the country. Since 911 we have been a much more united people and it has only been since we entered the campaign season that politics as usual has reared its ugly head.

Well that isn't totally true either. Ever since "Jumpin' Jim" Jeffords bailed on the Republicans and single handily gave the Dems control of the Senate Tom (I'M in charge here) Daschle has been doing everything he can to thwart the Administration.

Comes now November. In 35 days Senator Daschle will hopefully regain the title of Senate Minority Leader. The bad news is, Trent Lott will again be Majority Leader. One hopes that having observed the Democrats in their not so finest hour these past months, he will have obtained a pair of cojones and LEAD this time around.

So here we go! The race is on and at present the GOP seem to have a lead in the Senate Seat race. Americans by a 49 - 36% margin believe that Republicans are better equipped to handle the nations most pressing problems. I agree, let's hope that translates into votes on November 5th. (Developing)