Militant Islam

October 27, 2001

Militant Islam

Cal Thomas in his Oct 23, 2001 column, Bishop doesn't think Islam is peaceful, comments on the parade of folks coming forward to testify that Islam is a peaceful religion; great, wonderful folks and that the terrorists aren't representative of Islam, that they have 'hijacked' Islam for their own evil ends.

His background comes from an Episcopal Bishop, Bullen Dolli of Sudan. The Bishop details the civil rights abuses of non-Islam peoples in Sudan and states that "it (Islam) is a militant religion." Killing, torture, rape and slavery of non-Islamic citizens have all been documented in the Sudan for years now.

In Pakistan there are, according to Debbie Schlussel's Oct 24, 2001 Article, Coming to America, "...some 10,000 madrassas religious schools where many of its young are educated. In the 1970s, these schools were radicalized to create a corps of devout Muslims who could strengthen Pakistan's position against India. According to the Village Voice, Taliban means "student," and Afghanistan's current Taliban regime came directly from Pakistan's madrassas."

"Chilling words come from the leader of one of the madrassas, who is supposedly not atypical. When asked whether he would send his students to defend Afghanistan's Taliban regime, he said, "I would not send them. They would go on their own." The students nodded in affirmation, "We speak with one voice."

Bringing it home to America the Cal Thomas' article then quotes a student and the principal of an Islamic school in Potomac, MD. The comments were made during a visit to the school by Marc Fisher of the Washington Post as follows:

"An eighth grader told Fisher: "If I had to choose sides, I'd stay with being Muslim. Being an American means nothing to me. I'm not even proud of telling my cousins in Pakistan that I'm American."


"The school principal said: "Allegiance to national authority is one thing, but the one who gives us life is more entitled to that authority. This is the story of religion through all time. When national laws and values go counter to what the Creator believes, we are 100 percent against it."

You really have to wonder about a religious school in America that teaches sedition. But is this really a surprise to anyone? It shouldn't be. Take a look around.

Are there any Islamic countries, moderate or other wise that promote the values of freedom and equality? No. They promote Islam and all of its inherent inequalities. Daniel Pipes, director of the Middle East Forum points out that Islamic leaders are afraid to denounce bin Laden because "the Muslim world is bursting with adulation for the Saudi militant." In addition to Pakistan, Pipes cites rampant pro-bin Laden sentiment in the Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, France and among the Palestinians. Pipes notes that beyond terrorism, these militants pose a danger to existing governments in mainstream Muslim countries. Which is to say there are no "mainstream" Muslim countries.

How about the so called Muslim Leaders here in America. They all sat around the table with President Bush nodding and deploring the acts of 911. But just weeks before they were all involved in hate America rally's and being pitchmen for Hezboula, Islamic Jihad and the PLO. It seemed to me that in meeting with the President they were participating in a major case of CYA, least the government via the FBI get a little to interested in their rhetoric and fund raising activities.

How about the militant blacks in this country. What religion do they choose? The Nation of Islam ring any bells? What religion does the New Black Panther Party embrace? Why would they choose to be Muslims? Because it is a militant religion! Not only that, it is a political entity that incorporates religion into its quest for power.

Mr. Thomas opines, "It is different with militant Islam, which seeks to dominate the nation in which it grows and, when in control, diminishes the rights of all who disagree." This relative to how dissidents in general and Martin Luther King in particular expressed disagreement with American governmental policies.

Peaceful Islam is an oxymoron. Debbie again, states: "The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic," the dictionary of choice at the University of Michigan's renowned Arabic Department when I was an undergraduate, defines Islam as "submission, resignation." Other forms of the word, "taslim" and "istislam," mean "handing over, submission, surrender, capitulation, unreckoning approval, resignation."

The enemy is no longer 'at the gates.' They are among us and they are Muslims first, last and always. They are here to destroy. They hate us, our values and our way of life. President Bush says we are not fighting Islam. I don't know how long that statement can remain operative. If you hear hoof beats, look for horses!

© 2001 John Galt

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