Refuting Safire  I have just finished reading William Safire's article of November 15, 2001, Seizing Dictatorial Powers. I think he has lost his mind.

A Salute For Col "Hack  Some weeks ago I was cheering as Retired Colonel David Hackworth, "Hack" to friends and foe alike, placed his hands around the neck of Alan Colmes at the end of his segment on the Hannity and Colmes Fox TV show.

Celebrities Responsibility I hope the American people are watching and listening. There is a Kabuki Dance being performed in the wake of 911 that portends an evil as the terrorist attack itself. They are tied together and are providing an ugly picture of two American institutions.

Media Question Administration Candor  The media, which in this case includes both print and electronic, are getting on my last nerve.

Every time I turn on the news I'm bombarded with earnest talking heads that question erstwhile government officials and military folk on the progress of "The War."

Homeland Security and Illegal Aliens In a past article I mentioned that Tom Ridge, DHS, should go off somewhere and confer with his team to produce a strategy for his newly created office. One of my suggestions for issues in need of attention was to secure our boarders.

War, Anthrax and Money  Forty-Nine days ago the forces of evil carried out a deliberate attack on the citizens of the United States.

Militant Islam  Cal Thomas in his Oct 23, 2001 column, Bishop doesn't think Islam is peaceful, comments on the parade of folks coming forward to testify that Islam is a peaceful religion; great, wonderful folks and that the terrorists aren't representative of Islam, that they have 'hijacked' Islam for their own evil ends.

******************************* PRE 911 *********************************************

Will The Nation Survive  Today I begin my 58th year; our country, it's 226th. I wonder how many more years we will have? Will I out live my country?

The War Begins  The Democrats elect Terry McAuliffe DNC Chairman and the first words he utters are..."We won that election, because the country is with us, not with them.